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Troy Jensen's professional brushes are hand sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials. They are 100% synthetic brushes using the latest innovations in fiber technology for superior performance and improved longevity.

The difference between makeup that does what you want it to—make your skin glow, brighten your eyes, lift your cheekbones—versus makeup that falls short of your expectations often comes down to your application technique and more importantly, your brushes.

Pro makeup artist Troy Jensen has tested out literally hundreds of brushes after decades of working on set with celebrities for editorial shoots, Print & Television campaigns, commercial’s, movies as well as red carpet events and has now developed his own line of highly-coveted brushes.

The collection includes a lineup of ultra-luxury brushes handmade using synthetic materials like Taklon and Micro Crystal fiber that mimics the functionality of natural hair. “The technology behind synthetic hair brushes is so incredible [and] I can achieve a beautiful, refined application on my clients working with them,” explains Troy Jensen, whose Signature range is handmade by Asian Artisans using cruelty-free nylon bristles and sustainably sourced birchwood from an FSC-certified forest. “Synthetic brush fibers can be shaped more like virgin hair [which] results in a soft feel and smooth application. The quality can so closely mimic natural ones that it can be hard to tell any difference upon the skin.” These brushes are incredible for someonw with sensative skin as they do not poke or sstab your skin like animal hair brushes.