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Troy Jensen

TROY JENSEN PRO-ARTIST LUXURY Signature Eyes 10pc brush collection

TROY JENSEN PRO-ARTIST LUXURY Signature Eyes 10pc brush collection

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Troy Jensen's professional brushes are hand sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials. They are

100% synthetic brushes using the latest innovations in fiber technology for superior performance and improved longevity.

10 Makeup Brushes to Level Up Every Part of Your Beauty Routine

The collection includes a lineup of ultra-luxury brushes handmade using synthetic materials like Taklon and Micro Crystal fiber that mimics the functionality of natural hair. “The technology behind synthetic hair brushes is so incredible [and] I can achieve a beautiful, refined application on my clients working with them,” explains Troy Jensen, whose Signature range is handmade by Asian Artisans using cruelty-free nylon bristles and sustainably sourced birchwood from an FSC-certified forest. “Synthetic brush fibers can be shaped more like virgin hair [which] results in a soft feel and smooth application. The quality can so closely mimic natural ones that it can be hard to tell any difference upon the skin.”

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